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Shadowlawn art students win medals

Five art students at Shadowlawn Middle School were awarded gold and silver medals at the annual Scholastic Art Awards on Feb. 3 at The Brooks Museum. Pictured above, from left: Sophia Kim, Mrs. Lynn Murphy, Hailie Giles and Zach Holland in the lobby of the Brooks Museum. Pictured right, art teacher Lynn Murphy with Zach Holland. Photos courtesy of Lynn MurphyScholastic Art Award

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Five art students at Shadowlawn Middle School were awarded gold and silver medals at the annual Scholastic Art Awards on Saturday, Feb. 3. The event was held at the Brooks Museum of Art and was hosted by The Brooks Museum League. There were over 2,000 entries into the event from schools in Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas. Only 200 were chosen to be in the exhibit, currently on view at the Brooks.

The gold key award is the highest award and winner of this prestigous award are forwarded to the national level. Shadowlawn had three gold key winners. They were Sophia Kim, for a mixed media collage entitled "Born to Shop," Hailie Giles for a mixed media painting project entitled "Safari" and Daniel Russell,who placed with a mixed media piece called "New American Gothic." The school also had two silver key winners, Zach Holland, for ":Fauve Interior," a colored pencil drawing, and Cassandra Dickerson, for her work, "Mixed Media Me." The silver key winners will also be exhibited in the Brooks League show at the Agricenter.

Art teacher Lynn Murphy said of her students, "They worked very hard this year on their scholastic projects. It is a real honor for a middle school student to be accepted, because only 200 entries are accepted. For us to take three gold and two silver keys is amazing. Not every school in Shelby County is featured in the show. I am very proud of them."

Earlier in the week, the students, along with their honors art classmates toured the Scholastic exhibit.

Hailie Giles summed up the experience by saying, "To be in Scholastic is huge. I have never won anything like this and it's exciting. My parents and grandparents are very proud of me and I'm proud of myself."

Daniel Russell said, "It was amazing. I would never have thought my mixed media piece would make it this far. I have to thank Mrs. Murphy because she makes us keep working until we get it right." Sophia Kim said, "Being in Scholastic is cool!"

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2007 Hailie Giles [But I took this photo.  The original was in the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art for 2 weeks before going to another competition in New York.]

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